2013年6月大學英語四級考試預測作文 - 下載本文


1、Directions : For this past,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Online Games . You should write at least 120 words , and base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese) below:

1)現在有一些大學生沉迷于網絡游戲,家長和學校對此憂心忡忡 2)但有人認為網絡游戲并不是一無是處 3)你對此的看法是······ 【參考范文】

Online Games

As a product of modern computer and the Internet , online games

have become very popular among(在中間,在之中) college students . Many students have enjoyed great pleasure and satisfaction from these games . But as we see (正如我們所看到的), some students lacking self-discipline(自律) are too much indulged(放任) in these games so that their health and academic performances (學習成績;學業表現;學術成就)are affected . This phenomenon has caused much worry from the teachers and parents .

However , some others argue (辯論)that online games are not always harmful . They can train (培養,訓練)the ability of youngsters to respond to things quickly . Moreover (而且,此外), they can stimulate their imagination (激發他們的想象力)and their interest in computer science . More importantly (更重要的是), it does bring college students much pleasure and release their pressure(釋放他們的壓力) greatly .

Form my point of view(我的觀點) , online games are a wonderful entertainment if you play them in a clever way . When they interfere (干涉,妨礙,打擾,沖突,介入)too much with your study , it is better for you to give them up at once(馬上,立刻) . But if you have enough self-control over them , you can certainly obtain real pleasure and benefit a lot from them .

2、 1)現在諸多的電子詞典及相關翻譯軟件被開發出來,人們不再需要翻閱厚重的字典

2)有人認為以后機器翻譯會完全取代人工翻譯 3)你是否同意這種觀點,為什么? 【參考范文】

Machine Translation and Human Translation

In recent years(最近幾年中) , all kinds of electronic dictionaries (電子詞典)and translation software have been developed . With the development of technology (隨著科技的發展), these electronic dictionaries and software can help us translate not only words and phrases (短語)but even sentences and paragraphs . So some people come to the conclusion that machine translation will replace traditional human translation .

However , I couldn’t agree with this argument (我不能同意這樣的觀點). Admittedly (無可否認地), translation machines and software bring much convenience for our study and our work . With them , we needn’t bother to leaf through the heavy dictionaries (我們不必翻閱沉重的字典) . But machine translation has its disadvantages . First , generally speaking (一般而言),

translation software can only give direct translation , which is sometimes not in accordance with (依照,與···一致)the original articles in logic (邏輯性)and meaning . Second , some people depend on electronic dictionaries and software too much , which is unfavorable to (不利于)their improvement . 3、 1)有人認為幫助陌生人是一種美德;

2)有人卻認為幫助陌生人會給自己帶來麻煩和危險; 3)我認為······ 【參考范文】

Should We Help Strangers (陌生人)?

Helping strangers has always been considered as a treasured virtue of mankind (作為人類的珍貴的美德). We need help from others throughout (貫穿,遍及,自始至終,到處)our life , whenever we travel to other places or stay at home . On the other hand , helping others can make us happy . We feel great joy when we are trusted (信任), needed and able to give a hand .

However , some people are cautions when it comes to (當涉及到···,當提到)helping strangers . They say that helping others involves risks (涉及風險)of getting hurt or cheated . Lending a hand to a stranger often puts us in a vulnerable (脆弱的,易受傷的)position for it means trusting someone we do not even know . Moreover , there are times when we have physical limitations . For instance (例如), we can’t swim but a girl is drowning (溺水), what should we do ? If we are blind (盲目地)to that limitation , giving a hand would conversely (相反地)take our life .

4、 1)個人情況介紹;

2)申請貸款的原因、數額及用途; 3)如何保證專款專用以及你的還款打算 【參考范文】

A Letter Applying for a Bank Loa(助學貸款申請信) Dear Sir/Madame,

I am a sophomore (大學二年級學生)in Shanghai University , majoring in computer software . In the previous one and a half years (在之前的一年半)I have become a burden (負擔,責任)for my average family . You know , my parents are both laid off (下崗,解雇)workers , and , to make matters operation (讓事情運作). It will be beyond their ability to finance me through my remaining education . It is now a must for me to help relieve their financial pressure . So I’m applying to your bank for a loan (貸款,借款)of 10,000 Yuan . If my application is approved (如果我的申請被批準), all the money will go to my tuition (學費)and fees for the coming academic years .

I’ve made a detailed plan to arrange my school life . A part-time job as a family tutor ((當)家庭教師,輔導)will not be difficult to find and some work-study programs for students are also provided in our university . Form these sources I will be able to earn more than enough to support myself . I guarantee that I will repay the loan within five years , that is (換言之,即,就是說), within two years after my graduation . Please have confidence in me (請對我有信心): I have a very good credit record (我有一個非常良好的信用記


I would be greatly obliged if my application is granted (如果我的申請被同意,我將不勝感激). Many thanks .

Yours sincerely, Li Ming